We know that lower-cost payroll processing and tax filing compliance services would benefit your business.  Click below to learn more about our payroll processing services and how we save thousands of companies millions of dollars. 


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Payment Processing

Prosper Simply offers credit card processing, both in-store as well as online, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies. We provide the most secure payment processing services, keeping your customer's information safe.

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Loyalty Marketing

A gift card is a great word-of-mouth marketing tool to gain new clientele. Whether you’re in need of the traditional Gift Cards for holidays, or loyalty/rewards marketing cards, or both, Prosper Simply’s Marketing Cards work!

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Every day, successful small and midsize business owners are generating brilliant ideas for their company's growth but are unable to get the loans they desperately need to fund these ideas... we can help.

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Our office changed credit card processors in January 2011. We did some research and decided to go with Heartland Payment Systems. In addition to the significant savings from Heartland, Jennifer was able to make this transition incredibly easy. It has been a pleasure dealing with Jennifer and the personalized service she gives is a welcomed change.
Terri ParadisOffice ManagerFrederick S. Landy, D.M.D. Prosthetic Dentistry
They provide superb services, are always willing to go the extra mile no matter what issues occur, and offer the most competitive rates in town. All of the staff members I have communicated with are professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. I’m happy to recommend the services of Heartland Plus One Payroll.
MikeOwnerMike's Auto & Towning CT
We have QuickBooks POS and Jennifer found an excellent plugin that works seamlessly with both our QuickBooks and Heartland Payment Systems. It was easy to work with and has provide us great dollar value.
David GindekOwnerYoung's Nursery
It has been a pleasure doing business with you over the past three years. Whenever I have had problems, you have resolved them promptly and answered any questions clearly. The transition three years ago, when we decided to go with Heartland, went very smooth. I have been extremely satisfied in receiving all the sales information that I needed daily On Line. Our decision to remain with Heartland was based on the reduction of fees primarily and also for the fantastic service we have received from you and your staff. It has been a pleasure knowing you are always available to us at all times…
Mary E. LavoieOffice ManagerSteben's Motors Auto Body, Inc.
I switched over to Heartland Payment Systems for my credit card processing years ago. The transition was super-easy and their service is second to none. As a bonus, I am saving approximately $130 per month as a result. Thank you Jennifer.
Dr. SteinbergConnecticut Chiropractic Council/Past President/Council Member
Dear Jennifer, You have been nothing but helpful in assisting us with our Heartland Processing. you are just an email away with a prompt, concise answer to any question or problem we pose. You showed us options that we hadn’t thought of to save us money, as well as explained options that we don’t need (that other companies said we did) and encouraged us to not to take. Unfortunately for us, at one point we did think we would get a better deal from another processing company, but we learned the very hard way why Heartland is a great company to do business with. We left Heartland for 2 mon…
Linda and Jim MessierOwnersHop River Nursery LLCBolton, CT
My name is Jennifer Vogel and I am the office manager at P.L. Mountzoures, Incorporated, in Old Lyme, CT. We used to be a customer of a payroll company, which I will leave unnamed, but the costs were expensive and the customer service was not satisfactory. We felt we were paying too much for a service and we were not getting what we paid for. We were contacted by Jennifer D’Angelo of Heartland Payroll Company about possibly comparing what we were paying for payroll services. Jennifer came right to our place of business, sat with me and went through all of the services, costs and benefits…
Jennifer VogelOffice MangerP.L. Mountzoures, Inc.Old Lyme, CT
I have been in business for over 30 years and have used a lot of services. For the past five years I have been an extremely happy Heartland client, with Jennifer D’Angelo. She promised to save us significantly on our Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express fees and she did! We get printed merchant statements and can view our credit card transactions, get reports through our online dashboard simply too. I have researched many credit card processing providers and Heartland is most secure and compliant. I completely recommend Heartland; you will be happy with them and also never want…
John MorandePresident/OwnerMIDASCT
By utilizing the gift card loyalty program, Tully’s Coffee has increased its gift card sales from 4% to 14% of its overall sales.
Tully's CoffeeOwnerTully's Coffee
My wife just ran our first higher security “chip-pin” card since we received the new card machine. Worked like a charm!
Michael DuncanOwnerDuncan Family ChiropracticFruitland, Idaho

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